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New Arrival!

Rules to Slaying the Dating Games

Self Help: How to Reach Your Relationship Goals

Whether single and seeking a lifelong partnership or more avenues to enhance your dating experiences, this book offers wide-ranging advice and practical insights. The chapters explore dozens of dating scenarios 

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Start Fast and Finish 

Self Help: Novel Writing Guide

After penning nine best-selling novels and numerous anthologies, Victor McGlothin is revealing his valuable secrets to storytelling. Whether you’ve already tried and failed or are simply tired of dreaming about writing...

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A mega-church pastor shields his congregation from the secrets of his past while managing a lucrative ministry and the trials that come with it.  Pastor Orlando Clay is often at ...

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The Student Formula:  Champion Mentoring Curriculum

Self Help: #1 Strategy Workbook 

This workbook helps students to make better grades, better decisions, and prepare themselves for more rewarding lives after high school ...

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My Father's Son


Jonathan Holloway is more than just a tall, dark, and handsome businessman working overtime at staking his claim in the world of fast money and slick-talking clients...

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Schemers is a brilliantly executed game of high-stakes pay-to-play. As the Men of M.O.E.T. prey on wealthy unsuspecting women in major metropolitan cities, the ...

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Down On My Knees


A single mom and busy advertising executive, Grace has been a bridesmaid instead of a bride one too many times. Not that she doesn’t have her share of admirers ...

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Borrow Trouble


A woman lets herself go and finally does something wrong. Down on his luck, a man tries to do something right. For both, the consequences are as surprising as ...

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Ms. Etta's Fast House 


The year is 1947, and Ms. Etta’s Fast House is the hottest nightclub this side of Chicago. The city’s fastest-talking street hustlers rub elbows here with the rich and famous, and ... 

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Sleep Dont Come Easy



Smart, sexy P.I. Vera Miles is an expert at finding people who don’t want to be found. But her latest client is a rare, and possibly dangerous, exception: a handsome ...

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Sinful Too


She can get any man burning up her satin sheets, paying her bills, and keeping her in Dolce G and Prada. And sexy, sizzling Dior definitely doesn’t “do” church or ...

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The Secret of Newberry


1950s New Orleans couldn't be sweeter for Ivory "Bones" Arcineaux and Hampton Bynote. Friends since meeting at an illegal gambling house outside Newberry, ...

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Every Sistah Wants It


Octavia Longbow is the show producer at Hot 100, Dallas’ top R&B radio station, and she wants what every sistahs wants. Alphonzo, ‘The Radio Gigolo’ would love to give it to ...

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Whispers Between The Sheets


In McGlothin’s “A Player’s Paradise,” Kenton Reese is a sexy, suave businessman who runs women as well as he does the marketing and sales division for the snack giant, ...

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From acclaimed author Victor McGlothin comes an absorbing, inspirational tale about the high cost of greed-and the miracle of redemption-as a married couple ...


Indecent Exposure


Julian Blake is at the top of his game. He’s the first black man since David Dinkins to run for mayor of the city of New York, and he’s got two strong women by his side-his ...

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Autumn Leaves


Marshall Coates and Rorey Garland are on top of the world--best friends and superstar athletes with millions in professional contracts just around the corner. But their lives are ...

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What's A Woman To Do


When a corporate diva, Janeen Hampton-Giliam meets the kind of dream man that’ll make most women want to trade theirs in, a struggling marriage with a philandering ...

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Bump and Run


Bump and Run tells the story of Ray Crockett, an undersized football player with no shot at success, who used a unique defensive technique to advance ...

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