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Texas Voodoo Zombies

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On the Radio

Octavia Longbow is a top Dallas radio show producer; who has it all but doesn't play well with others. Making relationships work isn't easy and doing it over the airwaves is putting everybody in her business. To make matters worse, Octavia's old flame and R&B superstar Isaiah I. Rome is up to his old tricks when he returns home for the biggest concert of the year. 

Single & Seperated

Single and Separated is an original scripted dramedy that revolves around four friends agreeing to star in and produce a local reality show to save Dallas’s top talent and management agency. It’s quickly discovered that surviving wrong career moves becomes more complicated when navigating through wrecked relationships, happiness deferred, unrepentant cougarism, and unsuccessful bouts of celibacy. Finding love in the big city is tough enough on an ordinary day. It requires tested friendships and lots of laughs to overcome misses in matrimony when the close-knit group of women who are strong, Sexy, and Separated.

Mocha Doctors

Mocha Doctors is the exciting new TV Show where beauty and brains discuss how to talk away the pain.  Three passionate physicians deliver the fresh facts on trending health topics, offer saucy second opinions, and even provide some pretty cool remedies for the human condition.  Don’t be surprised to learn some things that momma never told you but sure should have. Tune in and watch three outstanding female physicians discussing life, practicing medicine, and raising families.  Join in on the laughs and topics that affect the community. Mocha Doctors is a production of Victory Vision Films. 

Writer on LACE (TV Show) – AllBlk Networkce  


Lace follows the courtroom, boardroom, and bedroom chess matches of Lacey McCullough as she and her firm navigate clients, cases, exclusive call-girl (and boy) services, and their personal lives.

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