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Bump and Run.  It Made me. It saved me..jpg

Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Well Done Books 
Publication Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-1653271337

Bump and Run

Bump and Run tells the story of Ray Crockett, an undersized football player with no shot at success, who used a unique defensive technique to advance himself to high school, college and into NFL stardom. After a successful 14-year career and back-to-back Super Bowl Championships with the Denver Broncos, Ray's transition from shut-down cornerback to stay-at-home dad wasn't as smooth as he had hoped. Partying with drugs, alcohol and women began to overtake his life. Struggling with concussion syndrome symptoms, poor mental health and a number of bad decisions sent him on a downward spiral that costs millions. It was his spiritual beliefs and the same 'unique technique' that helped him defeat his demons and breakthrough all the pain and disappointment to once again become a Champion in Life! Ray Crockett makes no excuses while taking full responsibility for his actions. This story of full transparency and openness will help others to face similar demons, get up close and personal with their challenges, then Bump and Run their way back to success!

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