The Writing Coach: How to Start Fast and Finish

Genre: Non-fiction
Length: 140 pages
Publisher: Well Done Books 
Publication Year: 2017

ISBN: 0692913688

After penning nine best-selling novels and numerous anthologies, Victor McGlothin is revealing his valuable secrets to storytelling. Whether you’ve already tried and failed or are simply tired of dreaming about writing, this time will be different as Victor takes you step by step to starting fast and finishing your book project. Now you’ll have access to the same skills used by successful authors to bring characters to life and raving fans to the edge of their seats.

The Writing Coach: How to Start Fast and Finish will teach you tools of the trade, the most efficient methods to stay on course, and how to actually complete your novel. Don’t put off writing your literary masterpiece. Your story has waited long enough to be told. Get started today!