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Genre: Realistic Fiction
Publisher: Well Done Books 
Publication Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-0-9667243-4-9

My Father's Son

Jonathan Holloway is more than just a tall, dark and handsome businessman working overtime at staking his claim in the world of fast money and slick talking clients. Occasional run-ins with the wrong women nearly ruin his bid for Dallas' Man of the Year but merely days after winning the city's most esteemed award, he falls hard for another woman, who puts him in the middle of corporate corruption at the highest level, a million-dollar designer drug deal gone wrong, and at the feet of a twenty-five-year old piece of unfinished family business with his name written all over it. Jonathan is given a rare chance to face off with the dirty cop who murdered his father and sent his mother to the streets to turn tricks. He's not only hell bent on retaliation but getting rich in the process. My Father's Son is a dual novella with two common threads, revenge deep enough to swim in and love worth dying for.

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