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Authors: Victor McGlothinJ. D. Mason
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Length: 304
Publisher: Dafina
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN: 0758213794

Sleep Don't Come Easy

National bestselling authors J.D. Mason and Victor McGlothin combine their literary talents to deliver a double dose of intrigue…

Smart, sexy P.I. Vera Miles is an expert at finding people who don’t want to be found. But her latest client is a rare, and possibly dangerous, exception: a handsome drifter with amnesia who believes he’s killed someone–though he can’t remember who or why. Is the man guilty of murder or innocent and in big trouble? With no clues, Vera takes a shot in the dark that sends her on a trail from the local diner to the medical examiner’s office to the seedy digs of a street informant, all the way to the FBI. But as she gets closer to solving the mystery, Vera wonders if her client is better off without his memory…

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