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Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Year: 2006

ISBN: 0758213468

Down On My Knees

“Victor McGlothin has written an amazing story of inspirational and emotional redemption.” 
–Victoria Christopher Murray,

#1 Essence best-selling author of “Grown Folks Business”

Victor McGlothin has raised the standard for Christian Fiction. “Down On My Knees” is a spiritual awakening that explores the naked truth about Sex, Celibacy, and the Single Sistah. This novel is exactly what Black women are looking for to war against carnal demons that frequently sabotage our relationships, hopes, and dreams of marriage. “Down On My Knees” is Christian fiction at its best.
–Xpressions Book Club- Dallas

A single mom and busy advertising executive, Grace has been a bridesmaid instead of a bride one too many times. Not that she doesn’t have her share of admirers—not to mention lovers—but Grace has become disenchanted with casual affairs. She’s ready for a husband—and for a real father for her thirteen-year-old son, André. With a little counsel from her church minister’s wife—and a little inspiration from the sight of André’s handsome English teacher, Wallace Peters, Grace decides to keep her mind open—and her clothes on. The vow of celibacy is easier declared than done, as Grace finds herself suddenly plagued by steamy thoughts day and night. But she’s determined to triumph over that Devil no matter how hard he chases her—and chase her he will…

After a series of dating fiascos, Grace receives a call from Wallace Peters. Will the school teacher save the day? Or will André’s biological father, who mysteriously reappears after thirteen years, turn out to be Mr. Right after all? As Grace soon discovers, it’s amazing what miracles can happen once she puts her life—and her heart—in His hands…

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