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whispers between the sheets.jpg

Authors: Victor McGlothin, Earl Sewel,

& Phillip Thomas Duck
Length: 352
Publisher: Kimani Press
Publication Year: 2005
ISBN: 1583146431

Whisper Between The Sheets

WHISPERS BETWEEN THE SHEETS by Victor McGlothin, Earl Sewell, and Phillip Thomas Duck is an anthology comprised of three short stories about men who consider themselves players.

In McGlothin’s “A Player’s Paradise,” Kenton Reese is a sexy, suave businessman who runs women as well as he does the marketing and sales division for the snack giant, Dream Creams. Women adore Kenton and he has no trouble hooking up with a willing date for any night of the week. But when a certain sistah walks into his life–and a competitive, smart, and beautiful one at that–Kenton finally feels what it’s like to have the tables turned on him…

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