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Victor McGlothin

National Best-Selling Author

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Rules for Slaying the Dating Games

Whether single and seeking a lifelong partnership or more avenues to enhance your dating experiences, this book offers wide-ranging advice and practical insights. The chapters explore dozens of dating scenarios tailored to each situation, covering everything from online dating etiquette to meeting people at social events, fostering healthy relationships, and dealing with heartbreak. Rules for Slaying the Dating Games is vital for getting what you want and Reaching Your Relationship Goals.

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I really enjoyed this book, as I have other books written by Mr. McGlothin. An accomplished author and great storyteller! I definitely recommend this one 👍🏽!

Christian L

Praise & Reviews

Victor McGlothin has created a story that offers readers enough mystique and intrigue to last a lifetime. Newberry, Louisiana plays host to deadly secrets, some of which are plausible while others are unfathomable. The author did a great job of creating a journey that allowed readers a front row seat to the mystery. I shared all of the joy and excitement as well as the pain of Magnolia and witnessed Hampton's struggle toward self gratification, despite the odds. McGlothin penned an excellent example of what it means to put family first, no matter the sacrifice nor consequences. His best work to date... simply put, an amazing story!


Wow! Honestly, is the first word that comes to mind upon completing this read! Wow..again!

Ms. Etta's Fast House is one of the most engaging, intriguing reads that I've read in a very long time. I've read many of Victor's works, but this one, by far is super writing and an excellent read...

This story is one that can be told and re-told, read and re-read..pick it'll be really glad you did!

Elle D. Dunn


About Victor McGlothin

Essence Best Seller- Victor McGlothin is a former bank vice-president who nearly forfeited an athletic scholarship due to poor reading skills. His knack for weaving passionate tales of suspense and drama, My Father's SonBacksliders, and Schemers has book clubs across the country adding his novels to their Must-Read lists. Victor, the on-line columnist of highly entertaining Victor Said, a real Brotha to Sistah look at relationships, has also given his loyal readers several reasons to hail him as a refreshing voice in African American fiction. Living in Dallas, Victor is working on future novels and film scripts.

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