Autumn Leaves : A Novel (September 9, 2003)

Autumn Leaves“Victor McGlothin is a truly talented writer who has written an absolute page-turner. AUTUMN LEAVES is so intriguing and thought-provoking that readers will find themselves intrigued from beginning to end.”
—Kimberla Lawson Roby, best-selling author of IT’S A THIN LINE

“Wow! A book club’s fantasy read… It is that good.”

“An emotional roller coaster… The love is so deep in AUTUMN LEAVES, you will get caught up too.”
—The Good Book Club (Houston, TX.)

Marshall Coates and Rorey Garland are on top of the sports world- two superstars with millions in their immediate future.

Marshall is lured, by the shapely sirens who surround elite athletes, at the risk of ruining the best thing that ever happened to him- Jasmine Reynolds. And Rorey has a dark secret that could destroy their friendship as well as his own life.

In Dallas, Kennedy James is a beautiful art curator who’s romantically involved with the wealthy but self-centered social climber Simpson Stone. When confronted with the dilemma of what’s more important, getting what she wants or having the man she needs, Kennedy finds herself caught up in a tumultuous war of the heart and a battle to keep what’s rightfully hers.

As their lives converge, which of them will manage to capture happiness? And which will fall, beautiful but doomed, like autumn leaves?



Autumn Leaves
by Victor McGlothin

“…what do you think about the guy who delivered those roses the other day?” She spoke without realizing what was happening.

“Who, that Legacy guy?”

“Yeah, I mean what impression did you get?”

“Well, I thought he was just gorgeous. Those jeans and that pretty-boy inner-city street appeal of his, I thought he was hot. Sizzling.”

Kennedy stared down into her espresso as if she were expecting to see her future in it somehow. “That’s what I thought you’d say. He is handsome, I agree, and he does have this sexy way about him but he seems too nice, too normal.”

“Would you listen to yourself, honey. Handsome, nice, and normal is what every sane girl wants in a man. I’d say those are the things that bubble baths and dreams are made of.”

“Maybe I’m not sane then. Maybe I like the fast, furious, and dangerous type that….”

“Oh I see,” Morris interjected. “A bad boy. Is that the type of dangerous you’re talking about?”

“Yeah, someone who’s mysteriously dangerous but good for me at the same time.”

“Mysteriously dangerous but good for you. Are you kidding? There is no such thing. These days, mysterious is scary as hell and dangerous sounds like a broken heart, a penicillin shot, and a prison term.”