Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Length: 304
Publisher: Dafina
Publication Year: 2007
ISBN: 0758213484
It will take two acts of faith and one divine intervention to survive a troubled marriage as Marvin and Chandelle Hutchins happy union detours when buying their first home; one that she absolutely has to have but he’s positive they can’t afford. Heated arguments regarding their strained finances and his sudden lack of virility in the sack forces them to question their marriage, the love they share, and if it’s worth holding on to.
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When Chandelle’s scheming cousin Dior falls on hard times and shows up with her luggage on their doorstep, the gloves come off and so do most of her clothes. An already rocky relationship is torn to shreds by deceitful tricks, carefully orchestrated to get Dior what she feels should be hers; Chandelle’s man. “Sinful” is the most fun you’ll have rooting for a bad girl to get what’s coming to her, although she is determined to go down swinging.

Victor McGlothin is Essence and National best selling author of “Autumn Leaves”, “What’s A Woman To Do?”, “Every Sistah Wants It”, “Down On My Knees” and “Borrow Trouble”

I know it’s a real question many women ask yourselves every time you and him are together then before you know it, here she comes. It’s difficult to share a good relationship with a third wheel who for whatever reason can’t sustain her own love-jones. People are asking me why I wrote my next book titled “Sinful.” It all started with one important question to all the ladies… would you tell your girlfriend to keep an eye on him if you had to leave town for a few days? Would you let him paint her apartment, fix something in it or hang over there without you? Would you let her come and crash at your place, if you lived with him. Think about it before you respond. Can you trust your girl with your man?

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