Every Sistah Wants It

Every Sistah Wants It
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Publication Year: 2004
ISBN: 031232197X
Octavia Longbow is an exotic beauty raised on an Oklahoma reservation. While pursuing her master's degree, she also works as the producer for the number-one radio station in Dallas. Her ex-boyfriend is a famous recording artist, who she met in undergraduate school. Their on-and-off relationship has been full of good times and disappointments.
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Octavia Longbow is the show producer at Hot 100, Dallas’ top R&B radio station and she wants what every sistahs wants. Alphonzo, ‘The Radio Gigolo’ would love to give it to her but she’s holding out for I. Rome- the double platinum superstar who’s given her nothing but three years of hot loving and heartache. The last time I. Rome blew into town, he left with Octavia’s purse and her self-respect. When she meets (drop dead gorgeous) Legacy Childs, after running him over with her car, she develops second thoughts about what love really means and an elaborate scheme to make Mr. Double Platinum bring back her purse.

Cee-Cee Lovely, lady deejay extraordinaire, can get any man she wants but Alphonzo has what she needs. Watching him chase behind her best friend is hard to do and even more difficult when Truest (Muldoon) comes around. If Truest puts her mind to it, she can be the best hairstylist and confidant a woman could hope for, unless there’s a fine man involved. Then, she becomes a crafty chameleon like Tony Tune, the morning show host with a private pleasure palace, a million dollar contract and more tricks up his sleeve than an out of work magician.

If you ever wondered what really goes on, ‘Down at the Station’, buckle up for a Hot 100 joy ride into the lives of the wildest deejays on the radio- from the other side of the microphone. ‘What goes on down at the station, stays at the station,’ until no

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